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Family Medicine

Our Family Physicians provide holistic and individualized outpatient services by understanding, diagnosing and treatment ailments pertaining to adults, children and women’s health with good care and professionalism. Our Physicians focus on management of common medical problems in patients across all age groups in a family practice setting. Integrated care is achieved through strong patient-physician relationship, health screening, counseling on lifestyle changes, and diagnosing and treating chronic diseases.

Services Offered

In primary care the focus is on the individual rather than on a specific organ or disease. Our Primary Care Physician helps patients to stay in good health by identifying risk factors. The doctor will also coordinate and manage chronic diseases by working with other specialists in an integrated manner so that patients can have a better quality of life.

Our Family Health doctors serve as the point of contact for adult onset disorders such as diabetes and hypertension. They will work with the patients to treat and manage their medical conditions. They will also recommend therapy, nursing or rehabilitation services that may be required by the patient. Our Family Medicine doctors take care of the health of children and minors keeping in mind the physiological and emotional needs. They also provide special attention to growth and developmental issues.

Our doctors provide counsel and guidance to patients on preventive healthcare or disease prevention. While there are genetic, environmental and lifestyle choices that cause diseases, preventive healthcare seeks to prevent, minimise and delay any healthcare issues through anticipatory action. It is recommended that adults and children visit their doctor for regular check-ups, even if they feel healthy. Disease screening, identifying risk factors for disease, discussing tips for a healthy and balanced lifestyle, staying up to date with immunizations and boosters are good steps in preventive healthcare.