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Our Anesthesiologists provide 24/7 cover for pre/post-surgical procedures including pre-operative assessments and check-up, surgery, airway management and initiation of life support services, pain management, recovery and return to normal life.

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In any surgical procedure, the Anesthesiologist will administer and manage anesthesia which are medicines given to relieve pain and sensation during the surgery. The doctor also monitors, manages and treats changes in breathing, heart rate and blood pressure which are critical parameters during and after the surgery. Before a surgery, the Anesthesiologist evaluates the patient’s medical condition and formulates an anesthetic plan keeping in mind the physical condition, allergies, medical history, lifestyle, smoking history, drug addictions and medication.

This refers to the period of time following a surgery including the time spent in the hospital and the time after discharge. This includes the time immediately after surgery where the process of recovery of the patient from the effect of anesthesia and surgery is monitored to make sure that the patient is ventilated, haemodynamically stable with pain is under control. Postoperative care will depend on the surgical procedure undergone and may include pain management and wound care.

Airway management is done to ensure a safe and effective pathway for oxygenation and ventilation in patients with obstruction of the airways or respiratory failure. Many medical devices and procedures are used to prevent any obstruction and maintain the airways.

Patients whose conditions are life-threatening need 24-hour specialised and comprehensive care and monitoring in intensive care units. This is done by a specially trained team using machines to monitor vital signs and a variety of medical equipment such as catheters, dialysis machine, intravenous tubes to give fluids and medicines and ventilators, among others.

Our doctors use non-invasive or minimally invasive techniques to help people suffering from chronic pain, regain mobility, do their routine tasks and improve the quality of life. They determine the cause of pain, ease pain using the latest techniques, improve functional capabilities through a regimen of personalized treatment and also ensure prevention of pain in the future.