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Guidelines for Patients and Attendants


  • Please be on time for your appointment and do not keep the doctor waiting.
  • There is a chance that the doctor may not be available at the time of the appointment due to some other medical emergency. Please be patient and check with the front office or reception. Please cooperate with our staff at all times.
  • Do call the hospital if you are delayed or unable to adhere to the appointment timing
  • Provide complete and accurate information while booking the appointment online or at the Hospital. We will ask for information such as name, address, telephone number, date of birth, attendant details, insurance company, past illness, and medication details.
  • Please participate actively in your treatment plan and keep your doctors and nurses informed about the effectiveness of the treatment.
  • Please leave your valuables such as jewellery at home and only bring only necessary items. The Hospital does not take any responsibility for the theft of any belongings.
  • Please treat hospital staff, other patients and visitors with courtesy and respect.
  • Abide by the hospital rules and safety regulations.
  • Please be considerate of others when talking on your mobile phones or listening to music. Respect the privacy of people around you.
  • Smoking or spitting in the hospital or its surroundings is strictly prohibited.
  • Only one attendant is permitted per patient. Only one visitor is allowed during visiting hours. Visitors will have to adhere to protocol and wear isolation gown, mask, gloves, shoe covers and use hand sanitizer available at the hospital before and after entering these areas. Visit time cannot exceed 10 minutes at a time.
  • All in-patients should wear the uniform provided by the Hospital.
  • If you are happy with any staff, we appreciate testimonials for the concerned staff member(s) whom you are happy with.


  • Do not interfere unreasonably with a patient’s plan of care.
  • Do not harass any Hospital staff, other patients or visitors in any manner including making inappropriate telephone calls to a staff member.
  • Do not use loud, threatening, abusive or obscene language.
  • Do not use violence, threaten violence or act in a threatening manner towards staff.
  • Do not enter the Hospital premises under the influence of drugs or alcohol or if possessing weapons or firearms.
  • Do not damage or steal hospital property.

Our Promise to patients and attendants

  • Respect, consideration and dignity regardless of one’s age, gender, race, origin, religion, sexual orientation or disabilities.
  • Protect your privacy, dignity and confidentiality in discussions, examinations, and treatments.
  • Provide explanation about your diagnosis, benefits and risks of each treatment, expected outcome and changes in medical condition.
  • You will receive information from the hospital about the expected cost of treatment and payment policies.

Visiting Hours

All rooms except ICU :