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Steps to boost your Immunity

Steps to boost your Immunity

24 Mar 2021
5 steps to boost your Immunity:

It is very important to take care of health and build our immunity to safeguard against the pandemic.

Balanced Diet :

It is vital to increase your nutrition intake Set appropriate time for meals and ensure that proper food is taken during every meal. Have seasonal fruits, vegetables, legumes (e.g. lentils, beans), nuts and whole grains and foods from animal sources every day. Use healthier fats like olive, soy, sunflower or corn oil instead of butter, ghee when cooking. Choose white meats like poultry and fish which are usually lower in fats than red meat and limit the consumption of processed meats.

Sleep Well :

A minimum of 7 – 8 hrs. of deep sleep is required for the body to recuperate. So how much ever you eat balanced diet and exercise, if sleep is deprived, then it greatly impacts the overall wellbeing. So it is a very important factor to boost our immunity.

Do Not Over Do Multivitamins :

It is good to take supplements but if you are having nutrient rich balanced diets like a portion of protein, vegetables and fibre, it is not required to have multivitamins regularly. Certain vitamins, especially those that are fat soluble, can be overdosed on. Symptoms of Multivitamins overdoses can result in fatigue, nausea, constipation, diarrhea, insomnia, anxiety, heart palpitations, difficulty in breathing etc.

Reduce your Alcohol Intake and Smoking :

It is important to keep a check on alcohol intake particularly during this pandemic as it impacts the immunity. Eating food will reduce craving for alcohol. This might not be true for all, but if eating can reduce your craving for a drink, it is better to have a meal at times when you usually drink. This might help to reduce the amount you drink.

Exercise Regularly :

Being consistent with the exercise regime is the key to boosting our immunity, Try to incorporate exercise routine as fun like playing some sports or going for a brisk walk. Set a time and a routine so that you look forward to this healthy regime.